Music Stereotypes

Hmm… nothing about strings here? Cello - violin relationships are always complicated. I’m a cellist who always dated violinists, but always seem to hate all of them.

First Violin ST

That we’re all asian, girls, quiet, shy, possibly awkward, over-acheiving, and have been playing since we were in pre-school.

A Very Potter Band

The Hogwarts version of band:

Director: Head master (the leader of us all)

Percussion: Slytherin (arrogant, ambitious, can sometimes be jerks)

Woodwinds: Ravenclaw (the smarter side of the band, where most of the Asians are found, are less prone to do idiotic things)

Brass: Griffindor (loud, proud, have huge egos, can be idiots sometimes)

Guard: Hufflepuff (not exactly part of the band but very loyal to them, unfotunately most non-band people think that they are the weakest link)

Clarinet ST

The first few chairs are excessively geeky, and constantly hyper. The rest are slackers.

Percussion ST

There are no girl percussionists. NONE.

(Being an actual girl percussionist I know how truly people take this one.)

I'm a drummer, and I'm dating a Flute player. Got any stereotypes for me?

Thats like a quarter back dating a cheerleader type of deal :)

1st Chair ST

When people assume you’re just the Band Directors favorite because you’re first chair and don’t think you deserve it when in reality you practice every day to earn your spot.

In our school, If you mention that you’re in Drumline everyone knows your name and expects you to be the greatest drummer in the world: so pretty much the

And if you mention you’re in pit, everyone is like “pit who? oh is that the flag people?” and everyone forgets who you are like 3 minutes later. 

In our school, it's the drumline fucking around. Well, they don't most of the time, it's just their instructor is more relaxed, so when we have a field and they started talking, they get in trouble and people assume they're goofing off. They work really hard, but don't always behave when they should, so it sucks. IT doesn't help that at prelims of a big competition this year, they accidentally marched to the college hash instead of the high school.
drumline/tenor sax relationship?? and one of the drumline stereotypes at my school is that we're all complete assholes. we're not all assholes, its just that when everyone else is fucking around, we'd love to look perfect and actually get 1st place for once.